and molds for plastic injection materials

  • Co-design

    to identify the best cost-effective solutions for small parts and molds


    We make modifications to existing molds, even if the molds were not produced by us


We support the needs of our customers and whenever possible exceed their expectations. How do we do this?

  • Investigating critical points;
  • Looking for specific solutions;
  • Simulating and evaluating product results;
  • Designing and making molds that guarantee these results;
  • Continuous monitoring of advancements to achieve expected results;
  • Maximum availability for modifications or fine tuning;
  • We constantly work to ensure the highest quality of our molds;
  • Respect of delivery time;

Prevent problems and find solutions

We use moldflow analysis as a powerful tool to support our designers in project development …

We use 3D CAD-CAM systems for mold design and construction, component libraries, high-level parametric solutions.
Continuous monitoring of advancements to achieve the expected results. We follow the projects day after day to check their progress.
We keep our customers updated on a regular basis to give them the confidence to comply with TIME TARGET AGREED UPON.


    We provide complete project documentation for each mold that will make any subsequent changes quicker and cheaper.


    We give our customers maximum availability and support even after the delivery of molds even if they are used in production processes at other locations


    We search for the highest quality in our molds in order to obtain stable and durable process conditions


    We perform on the mold all the necessary preliminary tests to guarantee the customer the interface requirements and compatibility with its production facilities and minimize the loss of time.