DIOMA, as a partner, has a mission:

‘to tailor’ solutions around a project or tool that offer excellent performances simplifying the most complex process. This result is obtained matching high quality standards with mechanical, functional product solutions designed for easy manufacturing processes.

It’s clear to anyone how plastic materials have spread out in most products and markets. Plastic materials have characteristics (durability, lightness, versatility) that well work both into technical and high performance applications than into high design elements and products.

Look around us: we get into our cars and see the plastic cluster and most of the interiors; we get into our houses and we realize that plastic furnishing elements are everywhere; we get into our digital world and are surrounded by computers, tablets, cell-phones all with their plastic cases.

We live in a world where ‘made of plastic’ is a clear added value. DIOMA offers to its clients products with clear added competitive values.